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I really hope Noam Chomsky has a Google alert

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• I don't know why this isn't making the rounds more than it has. In Salta Argentina there is a wild gnome terrifiying residents. South america is where all the strange creatures migrated to when we kicked them out of the US.

Check out this article for more info and a video.

Personally i'm of the impression that this is probably not a gnome, and instead a wizard of diminutive stature. Gnomes are like, really small. Eating an Asiago roast beef sandwich from Panera Bread would be a SERIOUS FEAT for a gnome.

Although, a gnomish uprising might be in order, as the race was dropped from the D&D 4thED core books. I'd be pissed off, walking around all jaunty too.

• I don't really have much to comment on the actual purpose ofthis article (I think the "happy hookers" is kind of nice (especially now) as is "southern comfort"). BUT... What does interest me is the idea that the birthday of elvis is reason enough for a "brawl" to occur between firemen.

• Fuck you Noam Chomsky, Hulk is totally a more relevant political philosopher, because he can throw a tank.

• The NYtimes gives us this only sort of snarky (and really elegant) chart detailing Gary Gygax's impact ON YOUR LIFE.

• In regards to the same ODM (original dungeon master) Slate got real snarky

• And just because i've already given you two photos today, and a 3rd would just be so nice... Relive your years from the war with this:
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On March 18th, 2008 05:02 pm (UTC), gillan commented:
That Slate article makes me insane. Bashing D&D and then fluffing Steve Jackson and GURPS? Wowzers.
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