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Kevin · Allen · Jr.

Hey y'all, I went to camp nerdly this past weekend and had a right…

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Hey y'all,

I went to camp nerdly this past weekend and had a right good time. Camp Nerdly is a bunch of RPG geeks getting together in rural virginia to play games and hang out. I've been twice before, and it's something i look forward to every year. Well I'm going to spare you the big rundown of everything i did (that's not what you signed up for) and instead cut to the meat of things.

I had two really stand out experiences at Nerdly this year. The first was getting to play in The Upgrade, a Jeepform game (Jeepform is a finnish style of Roleplaying that focuses on getting to the bare bones of emotional situations, through very realist play. People get to interesting play by going through breaking up with their girlfriend or arguing with their neighbor, not fighting orcs). The upgrade is essentially "Temptation Island" the LARP. There's been an awful lot of discussion about this game on various gamey sites, so if your interested in more i could forward you along (or you can hunt for yourself). The gist is that it was probably the most immersed in character and emotion i may have ever been in a game, and it was emotion no other game has made me feel (save for a brief moment at Mystic Realms -my old boffer LARP- but that was a strange and different situation entirely). I had near paralyzing girl-fear. That is fear that a girl doesn't like me, and won't accept me as a potential mate, a feeling I don't think i've had since high school. I HIGHLY RECOMEND this kind of play if you are presented with the opportunity. It was a game-changing experience, for sure.

The second stand out was what I really want to talk about here today. I didn't want to really get into speaking about this project till I had really gotten a good idea of the scope and nerdly offered me a pretty true sense of that. I am going to be releasing at GenCon this year a new improvisational acting game titled "Something is Rotten."

Something is Rotten is a game that lets you improvise a performance of Hamlet. The story is re-set in modern day rural montana, a land rife with backwoods hermits, meth kingpins, slaughter houses, bowling alleys, trailer parks, and strange eyed waitresses. It's Cormac McCarthy's Hamlet.

I'm really excited about this one. Like really excited.

I'm working on a post that explains what this game is, how it works, who it's market is and all that. Expect it by the end of the week. I'm a busy beaver.
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On May 14th, 2008 02:50 pm (UTC), blackwell commented:
If I had the cash, I would go to GenCon just to play Something is Rotton. Holy crap, that is an amazing idea. Holy, holy, crap.

If you will be presenting it somewhere on the east cost between New York and DC, please keep me informed. I would love to play in such a game. Brilliant idea!
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On May 14th, 2008 08:47 pm (UTC), kevin_allen_jr replied:
The notion that you would spend hundreds of dollars on something that i'll probably end up selling for like 15 bucks is extremely flattering.

I would love to get you involved on this. You know actory people? or at the very least not super gamery people? I would really like to try this monster out on some of those folks, see how they take to the text, see what they think of the product. I would love to see you play this. How can we make this happen? I'm more than fine with going to Philly to throw down.

Lets get this back and forth going over email. Send me a message @ kevin dot allen dot jr@gmail dot com
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On May 14th, 2008 09:25 pm (UTC), blackwell replied:
I know lots of actory people and not so super gamery people. Come to Philly. Let's throw down.

If it works out, we should do it for the Fringe Festival. Really.

I sent you an e-mail.
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On May 14th, 2008 02:55 pm (UTC), gillan commented:
Jeep is hot shit. Under My Skin jeep was way immersive and great.

A+++ would jeep again
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On May 14th, 2008 03:59 pm (UTC), indie_insurgent commented:
I find myself lately wondering how things would have been different if I'd let you try to be friends, which I totally knew you were gonna do.

I'd like to try Something Is Rotten sometime.
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On May 15th, 2008 09:49 pm (UTC), earthenforge commented:
I second your comments about The Upgrade. I can't get that game out of my head. Sooo good!

I would also love to try "Something is Rotten" sometime. I had already signed up for a game at Nerdly, but when I saw the description I thought "that sounds amazing - I have to try that!" Looking forward to your more detailed explanation.
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