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My thoughts on the healthcare thing (i get a little preachy)

I figure that if you don't think a nationalized healthcare plan is a good idea, you probably don't have any idea what it's like not having healthcare.

Progress comes whether industry likes it or not. Sometimes necessary innovation bankrupts those that didn't have the foresight or care to consider the needs of real human beings. It's not an accident or a problem, it's the very fulcrum capitalism bends upon. Those so concerned with avoiding socialism would be well suited to take an econ class so as better to understand what it is exactly that they are defending. Marching boldly into the future inevitably leaves the craven and stubborn behind. Just ask typewriter manufacturers, library card catalogs, Pan Am, telegram services, or GM.

Stalwart nostalgia and personal greed are no excuse for hamstringing the weakest members of society. That is, the working class citizens that the venal and pandering so love to court.

Making it IN ANY WAY more difficult for the ill to get treatment is perverse and grotesque. Turning the plight of the sick into a strange political gambit is not simply wrongheaded, it's predatory and cruel. Cruel in the same way pretend-drowning is cruel; cruel in the same way locking someone in a sweltering rattan hut is cruel; cruel in the same way shooting animals from helicopters is cruel.

It is a dark farce of a caring nation that would see me bankrupt and homeless because I fell and broke an arm, or got a bad cold, or needed to get my tonsils out. You want to help people? You want to do gods work? Be a patriot? Then concern yourself with the plight of the tired, the poor, the tempest-tossed, and look beyond the ludicrous desires of rich old men who would use sensationalism, propaganda, and hate-speech to line their pockets at the expense of any not like themselves.

Really, in other words: Don't be a douche, the people need doctors.
i'm a wiiizaaaaard!!!


New post on Adverting disaster. Part two of the Espresso book machine discussion. (NOTE: if you feed this content to your LJ, you got a sneak peak at my editors notes thanks to a copy/paste snafu, lucky you. This problem has since been corrected on the actual blog.)

New photos up on My Flickr. Like this one:
i'm a wiiizaaaaard!!!

Some updates from me

I was in Disney World all last week, and because of that, I have fallen behind in my internet posting duties. Here's me getting my act back together:

1. A new Adverting Disaster is up. This one's about Republicans, hope you enjoy it. If you do enjoy it, feel free to comment.

2. I've posted some of my vacation photos here. I realize now that I didn't really take any vacationy photos. I barely have any of the lovely folks I went with, none of the "park highlights," and since we didn't go to Universal I didn't get the shot of me molesting/fighting Wolverine that I had my heart set on. Oh well, you'll have to settle for photos of giant vultures:

3. Here's some links for you to enjoy:
• If you haven't been to ThruYou then you've done a great disservice to yourself. Video mixing so astounding and funky you'll kick off your shoes and start dancing in front of you computer. Seriously tight. If you like breakbeat, dub, or Jive get on this.
• Have firewalls at work blocked your ability to chat with internet friends? Tinychat can help. For now at least.